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We help our customers by introducing them to new technology benefits, guiding them on how to use these technologies, and provide solutions for challenging business issues.

We have worked on:




Operating Systems Windows Linux, Windows Windows, Linux

Oracle , MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access

Languages VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET PHP 4/5 Java

HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS; JavaScript.

API's   Applets, Applet-Servlet, AWT, Swing, JavaBeans (J2SE).
JDBC,Servlets,JSP, JNDI JSTL,JavaMail, RMI, JMS, EJB 2.0 (J2EE). 
Servers MS IIS  Apache, MS IIS Jakarta Tomcat 4x-5.x, JBoss, 
WebLogic 6.0 8.0

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